Burleson Wine and Beer Crawl website, 2018 update

We created the overall visual scope of the website, printed passport, and all of the advertising assets for both print and web to be consistent across all media. In 2018, we refreshed the look of all assets.

Visually, we updated the look and functionality of the website to reflect current web design expectations. This is a large annual event in a medium-sized community and I wanted the website to look as good as any of the big event websites out there. We built the new website to be responsive so the user experience was consistent across mobile, iPad, and desktop browsers.

This is an event website whose purpose evolves as the annual event nears. Initially, it’s an informational website with the details of the event as they are released. Prior to the event, the website also serves as a portal to buy tickets online. As artists are booked and scheduled, the website is updated with the most recent band and vendor information.

Visit the website at BurlesonWineCrawl.com.