“The Best Neighborhoods in the Corridor”
Photo retouch project

An extensive photo retouching project for the feature “The Best Neighborhoods in the Corridor” published in Addison — The Magazine of the North Dallas Corridor.

The article ran in a Spring 2014 issue, but the photography was shot in January and early February in the middle of winter. In addition to color tweaks and overall image clean-up, I had to create in Photoshop several solutions to make the images look like they had been shot months later in mid-Spring.

I adjusted the color temperatures of Winter’s cooler hues to a brighter, warmer springtime color temperature.

All of the images required a lot of foliage added to the dormant trees and bushes. Researching the shapes of the trunks and branches I was able to match the correct leaves to each tree. Dormant lawns had to be greened. So the images would look better in print, several of the photos required extensive branch removal which entailed filling in detailed backgrounds.

The cover photo was shot landscape. To make it work for the magazine cover, not only did I extend the sky to add copy space but I also added wispy clouds which were not in the original photograph.